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Car Battery

k60044 (100A/H)

  • New

Price : $328.82

K56318 (71A/H)

  • New

Price : $227.15

KEFB55D23L (65A/H)

  • New

Price : $249.27

KEFB95D31L (80A/H)

  • New

Price : $334.05

KEFB95D31R (80A/H)

  • New

Price : $334.05

KEFB46B24L (45A/H)

  • New

Price : $212.28

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Local Battery: Batteries To Keep You Moving!

Have you been stuck with a dead battery in your car and didn’t know what to do? Have no worries! Because now, Local Battery is here to help you regardless of your location. Yes, we are an online battery store in Brisbane and Gold coast that can be accessed anywhere and anytime from your handheld device or computer. Whether you have a car in your garage that won’t start because of a damaged battery, or you are stuck on the highway with a car that won’t move, just give us a call and you can depend on us to deliver the battery you require to your desired location in no time!

It is our aim to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. We have been serving Australians across the nation for a long time and we have a team of experts who have vast experience selling batteries online in Brisbane and Gold coast. If you are looking for a “battery shop near me”, then your search has ended with Local Batteries. This is because we sell all types of batteries to our esteemed customers. Whether you are looking for start and stop batteries, AGM batteries or any other kind of battery, we have them all! Here are a few of the batteries that we sell :

If you are looking for a AGM batteries “near me,” then Local Battery is the answer to all your battery related problems. Know why? Because we also offer expert battery installation services for our esteemed customers. This is why you never need to Google “battery installation near me”, just save our number and leave all your battery related problems on us! We have a professional team who can guide you and give you recommendations for the battery that is best for your needs and requirements. Do you have a 4x4? Then just let know and we will also recommend an amazing 4x4 battery for your vehicle that is high quality as well as easy on your pocket.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Online Battery Store?

With so many options out there, you must be wondering why you should buy your automotive batteries from Local Battery right? Well, there are so many reasons to choose us! We have an amazing rapid response car battery replacement team that is always on the tip of their toes to serve all our clients who need us across Brisbane and Gold coast. Regardless of your location, we are ready to come to you and help you out when you are the most vulnerable. That’s when you are stuck somewhere with a broken down car that needs a battery replacement in Gold coast area. Here are just a few of the many benefits you get when you buy car batteries online from us:

If you are unsure of what type of battery you need for your car, give us a call right away and one of our expert team members will be more than happy to help you choose the right battery in Gold coast according to your vehicle.

Call our team at Local Battery now and enquire about our world-class car batteries for sale and trusted battery replacement services at (04) 2277 1992.

Local Batteries on Sale to Save You Some Bucks

Here you can find Neuton Power K brand for car batteries we have for sale at a special price at the Local Battery store. You can be sure to find one to suit your needs!

New Arrivals Batteries at Our Store

Here are a few of the latest batteries available at our Local Battery store. Once you use the batteries available at our online battery store, you will never go anywhere else for all your car battery needs!

Select the Battery According to Your Car’s Brand

Select Your car’s brand here and get results accordingly to suit your specific requirements to ensure you are getting the right fit for your vehicle.