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About Us

About Us

We Are Local Battery We Power Cars

Welcome to Local Battery! We are the most trusted battery provider in all of Brisbane since 1994. We have the reputation of selling the highest quality range of vehicle batteries for cars and trucks along with a few other accessories. Not only this, we excel in providing full battery solutions to our customers. This means we provide all services that you would ever need related to your car’s battery, from selecting the best one all the way to installing it in your car and confirming it works well.

Batteries are an important part of all automobiles. One cannot operate their vehicle without it. With time, a battery in the car stops functioning, and that's when you need to replace it with a new one or get it installed. If you have a good knowledge of the batteries, then you can install them yourself. But if you have no idea about these things, you must be thinking about how to pick the right battery for your car or whom to contact? Don't worry; Local Battery comes to the rescue in town. We have a team of professionals who can come to your place and do the car battery replacement. Also, if you want, you can order a brand new car battery, and we will send it right away to your desired location.

Unbeatable Prices

We Sell High-Quality Batteries at Competitive Rates

We take pride in the quality of car batteries that we sell. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we understand that everyone wants the best quality batteries at the lowest rates possible. This is why we offer all our customers market competitive rates for all our car batteries.

Fast Shipping

Get Free Car Battery Installation!

Having to spend hefty amounts for the installation of your car battery on top of your car battery’s price is not something you would expect at Local Battery. We always have and will provide our customers a free car battery installation with each and every purchase they make at the Local Battery store.

Skilled Technicians

Team of Highly Skilled Technicians

We have a team of car battery experts who are available 24/7. In addition, they deal with you, your friend, or your family members' car battery problems in a friendly way. When you buy a battery from us, we ensure you don't face any hassle while installing the battery, so we send our experts for you with your battery, to get it fixed inside your car or truck.

Our services are available in Brisbane and adjacent areas, and we always strive to offer our clients full satisfaction with each battery we sell and install. If you are eagerly looking for the right place to buy a battery, then Local Battery will be your one-stop battery shop.

What Services Do We Offer?

There are many battery providers in Brisbane. But you will never find one as professional as a Local Battery anywhere in the town. We are experts at what we do. The cherry on top is we offer a variety of services. You'll get tired of counting them on your fingers. Without further ado, let's go through the services we offer.

  • We offer a car battery replacement absolutely free of cost!
  • You can get a free battery test.
  • We send our experts with your battery to your desired location.
  • We provide services in Brisbane and the areas surrounding it.
  • We have an extensive range of batteries, and even we they don't have the one you are looking for, we will make sure to arrange it for you.
  • Our batteries are available on different budgets.
  • Last but not the least, we provide a delivery service 24/7.

Contact us now for a truck or car battery replacement or to learn about the many different car battery services we offer at highly reasonable rates.

About Us

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